Projects Privacy Policy

Version 1.4
Updated on 2020-04-02

TeamDev, Ltd. (“TeamDev”) respects Your privacy and the need to protect the personal information You (as an individual or as an entity) may provide to us while using Projects. TeamDev privacy practices are described in this Privacy Policy. A condition to use Projects is Your consent with provisions of the current Privacy Policy.


“Personally Identifiable Information” (“Information”) is the information that can be used to identify You as an individual. Personally Identifiable Information includes Your name, job title, date of birth, user icon, address, telephone number, company name and any other information that is connected with You personally.

“Software” means Projects.

“Service” means technical support, issue handling, and any other activities held by TeamDev in relation to the Software.

Information collected

TeamDev may collect the following Information from You:

  1. Your email address from the signup form on our website.
  2. Information from Google accounts, such as:
    1. Your name,
    2. email address,
    3. Information available through public Google+ account;
  3. Information about the documents stored in Your Google Drive; Software integrates with Drive to allow You to store Your attachments. For this purpose the Software will be able to access Your Drive and create or manage documents there.
  4. Information from Your Google Calendar;
  5. Your IP address, browser type, browser version and the version of Your operating system for the application logs;
  6. Information provided by You directly through forums or sites or provided to our support team;
  7. Your billing information You provide to us to process Your payments. All processings are made with Your consent only.

Except for the case when You provide the Information to us directly in an email or in personal communication, You will be notified about the fact that information is collected, and You will also be requested to provide Your consent on such collection.

How the information is used

The Information is used for the purpose of providing the Service to You and improving the Software quality. To pursue this goal we may gather anonymous aggregated statistics which will reflect general tendencies of the Software usage.

Any Information You provide to us can be corrected, changed or removed at any time on Your request via email, Software forum or site.

What we would also like to do with it

On your consent we may use the Information to notify You on releases of new versions of the Software.

What are Your rights?

Any Information You provide to us can be corrected, changed or removed at any time on Your request via email, Software forum or site.

You may opt-out from our notifications by using an unsubscribe link in an email. How the information is disclosedInformation Is

How the information is disclosed

The Information is not disclosed to third parties other than those, that are required to access the Information to provide the Service to You. We will ask for Your consent prior to disclosure of Your Information to any third parties with purpose not directly connected with providing Service to You.

We reserve the right to disclose the Information to law enforcement authorities if such disclosure is required by law or court decision.

Note, that the Information You post on Software forums and sites, including Your username, becomes publicly available and thus is not covered by the current Privacy Policy. Software forums and sites operate on Google Groups and Google Sites and the corresponding privacy policies may apply to the data that You submit or make available on these resources.

Information security

The Information collected is synchronized with and stored on the servers hosted on Google Cloud Storage, and the security measures are applied by TeamDev and Google to provide for the Information integrity and safety. Such security measures include but are not limited to: separation of data belonging to different customers, authorization and authentication mechanisms, use of HTTPS protocols for data transfer. All the Information collected is encrypted before writing to Google Cloud Storage in accordance with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys (according to an official blog post by Google “Google Cloud Storage now provides server-side encryption” Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013).

Any privacy policies and security measures of the Google App Engine service apply to the storage of the synchronized Information.

The collection and storage of data in Your Google account is governed by appropriate Google policies.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any changes to our privacy practice will be published on this page prior to the changes take effect. Please visit this page regularly or subscribe to page updates to stay informed about the changes.

Our contact details

  • TeamDev Ltd.
  • 47 Nauky Ave., Kharkiv
  • 61101, Ukraine
  • +380 57 766–4300