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Yet another project management tool?

We faced these problems

Being in the software development business, we’ve used various project tracking systems and we have drawn the following conclusions:

  • There is no adequate project/task management solution for workgroups under G Suite.
  • The existing systems are “adaptations” of previously made products to co-exist with G Suite. Because of this user experience is not seamless.
  • The offered functionality greatly overlaps with what’s already available in G Suite.
We've come up with the solution

With Projects we are aiming to have the right set of tools for working with projects and tasks, and give access to all the power of tools created by Google.

  • Projects does not attempt to do anything which is already covered by G Suite.
  • Projects allows to work with the existing company structure, like Groups, already set up for your domain.
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Why Projects is great for you

Projects is a tool comprising project management and team collaboration capabilities for companies using G Suite. Projects helps you stay organized, keep your projects on track and get the work done.

  • Helps you see what is planned
    and who’s in charge
  • Introduces all your colleagues
    from your G Suite domain
  • Helps you stay productive and
    get everything done on time

Projects is working only with accounts already using G Suite.
To get started, sign up for G Suite.

G Suite is a cloud-based productivity toolset for your company, which provides such well-known services as Gmail, Drive, Calendar and others, that run under your own unique domain.

Put tasks where they belong

Easily create, assign, and comment on tasks.

Prioritize your tasks from multiple projects in the most productive order for you.

  • Inbox
  • Today
  • Next
  • Scheduled
  • Someday
  • Inbox — incoming tasks that haven't been prioritized yet.
  • Today — tasks that have to be addressed in the first place.
  • Next — important tasks of no immediate urgency.
  • Scheduled — tasks that have to be taken care of on specific dates.
  • Someday — tasks to be done at some point in the future.
Personal Workflow

Group tasks smartly

Use projects or areas to group your tasks.

Every task belongs to some sector of work.

Area is a collection of tasks belonging to a responsibility area or a process within your company.

Project is a space for tasks related to an undertaking that has a limited scope of work and a definite goal.

Projects and areas can be shared with people and groups. An area may contain one or more projects.


Get the full picture

With Projects you always see what is planned and who’s in charge.

Avoid confusion with numeric or symbolic priorities. The higher you place a task in the list, the more priority it has. Drag-n-drop a task to change its priority.

Increase your productivity by focusing on one task at a time. Projects allows to track work on a task through Start Work functionality.

Keep an eye on your personal activity with the help of the Dashboard.

Stay updated by getting email notifications about changes and comments of the task you watch or you have created and assigned to others.


Share and collaborate

Projects and tasks can be shared between people and groups inside your G Suite domain or other Google users you’ve invited.

Once you install Projects, everyone in your organization will get instant access to the system via their G Suite accounts.

You can share your projects and areas with users and groups that are already available in your domain. There’s no need to create new user accounts or groups.

You can invite for collaboration a person outside of your G Suite domain. The only thing they need to have is a Google account.

Use Watch and Comments functionality to exchange information promptly and eliminate unnecessary status meetings.


Enhance tasks with attachments

Store organized tasks attachments in your Drive.

Give complete information on a task by attaching Google Drive documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and images, or giving a link to the web.

Upload a file from your computer and it will be stored in a Drive folder you define at the project or area set up.

The Drive folder with attachments will have the same permissions as your project (or area), so all team members can easily access the files.


Collect work information

Log work spent on tasks and create reports.

Add or remove time you spent on an individual task, add additional comments while reporting. Mark your tasks with tags.

Get a work report for a project or an area for the desired dates. Group data in your reports by projects, people or tags.

Reports are created as Google Spreadsheets, so you can apply filtering, create charts and perform any kind of additional analysis on the collected work data.


Always stay in touch with your plans

Projects apps are available for web, Android and iPhone

With Projects you can
  • Manage work
  • Plan and schedule activities
  • Collaborate
    on tasks
  • Track work
  • Discuss progress
    with collegues
Mobile Apps for Projects Install AppG Suite Marketplace You must be the admin of your
company domain in G Suite
Projects Android App on Google Play First you need to install the app
for your domain from Marketplace
iOS app is being developed
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The service is free while in beta

The planned pricing
varies by edition
Contact Us
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  • Task, project and area management
  • Mobile applications
  • Task attachments in Google Drive
  • Reports export to Google Drive
  • Sharing with domain users and groups
G SuiteEdition for businesses of all sizes $2 per user per month
Personal Account Edition for freelancers or small companies $1 per user per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting work done has never been so easy...
but there may be tricky parts

  • Is a G Suite account neccessary to use Projects?

    Yes. An account under a domain that uses G Suite is required.

  • I want to start using Projects, but I only have a personal Google account.

    We are planning to make a Pesonal Account Edition available later.

  • Can I invite other Google users to Projects?

    If you are using Projects under a domain associated with G Suite, then yes, you can share your data and collaborate with any Google user.

  • Can I try Projects before buying it?

    We are working on demo edition. Subscribe if you'd like to be notified about availability of the demo.

  • We are not using G Suite in our company but we want to get things done!

    Get G Suite. There is a lot of great stuff that is also easy to use. Then you will be able to install Projects app for your domain and all your employees will have instant access to it.

  • We are already using G Suite in our company, but I can't install Projects.

    You must be the admin of your company domain in G Suite. If you know who the admin in your company is, send them the link to Projects in G Suite Marketplace or to website.

  • Is my data safe and secure?

    Simply put: yes. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

  • Do you provide support services?

    Yes. Please visit to find out more.

What if I can't find my question here?

We are happy to answer your questions, send them to or through the form below.

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